How to Build Solar Panels at Home?

A small, compact and a cheap personalized solar panel system is the perfect solution for the expensive electricity bills. Additionally, the costs of solar cells are getting reduced day by day. A normal installation of the offthe shelf model can take up to $10,000 alone that can be recovered over a period of a decade. But it’s a wiser option to build your own yourself. Perhaps thefirst line of defence against paying more electricity bill is to have your own solar panel system. At least once in your lifetime, you may have thought about having solar panels mounted in your backyard or rooftop of your home. Having imagined to enjoy a lifetime of free rides on your electric car. But the point is how efficiently and minimally can your create or manufacture your personalized solar panel system.

Step Guide:

  • Buy Solar Cells from an online portal: It is perhaps the first step towards building your own system. Now there are lots of solar cell types that you have option to choose from. There are three Chinese ones with good performance, good results but don’t offer much guarantee. Then there are the Japanese one’s with good efficiency, reasonable price and offer Japanese work guarantee. Now, the best performer, the highest priced and the most guaranteed are the American one’s. Hence choose wisely depending on your budget and a general rule of thumb is that each cell shouldn’t be selling for than $1.3 per watt.
  • Tools and Equipment: After receiving these cells, it’s time to look out for tools and other equipment that are necessary. You would require to have tools like soldering iron, solder paste and solder to help remove the grease off the wires. Also a saw, protective glasses, wooden board, pencil and ruler. Also you need to indispensable a multimeter that can help measure the amount of current and voltage that passes through it.
  • Planning of the Solar panel system: It’s simple and you just need to be really careful while handling these fragile and very delicate equipment. Just place the square summary solar cells onto the wooden board and using a pencil, draw a separating line accurately. Your half work has been accomplished.
  • Wiring of the Solar panel system: After physical arrangement is sorted, you need to solder the wires to the solar cells and also solder them to each other. Link the cells in series and that will help you to increase the voltage to a minimum of 12V with as many cells. Next, stick the cells on the board in a frame that can also help you to remove and replace the defective one’s. Make the connection buses and have a parallel connection and increase the amperage.


Now your fully functional solar system is ready and be ready to operate it by checking it’s output of 9 amps. It might sound tough to make connections between wires without getting confused. But don’t worry there are plenty of tutorials out there both in video and text form to access.