Why Solar Science is important?

Solar energy has been the modern achievement of science in the field of renewable by energy. It’s now seen as a potential source to meet global power needs and perhaps also address the challenges faced by the world. The power has made rapid strides in its impregnation technology and efficiency and has seen increasing popularity with it being environmentally compatible. It is known that that the amount of sunlight received by Earth per hour is more than enough to meet the annual global power requirement. In fact, solar energy has been regarded as the fastest growing energy sector with a 33% rise.

An Alternative to fossil fuels:

Solar is a perfect replacement to alternate the current rampant use of fossil fuels like coal and gas for a generation that deals with air, water and land pollution. The World Wide Fund for Nature had noted that the energy generated by fossil fuels causes air pollution that has led to acid rain and loss of agricultural production that has led to billions of dollars in losses. Nuclear power can be catastrophic in nature for both land and water. But instead the usage of solar energy will help us to eliminate and curb these pollution levels. Switching to the solar power can help us to keep the habitats intact for the animals and plants that thrive on them and also continue to keep the air clean.

Solar power also contributes to decelerating the rate of climate change as it produces zero carbon emission. Perhaps that’s the reason why it has triggered an unprecedented increase in solar panel installations in the past couple of years. Its greatest liability is that it can not only be produced on large scale centralised conventional energy sources that are controlled by large corporations but also on small scale directly by the end consumer.

Usage and Purposes:

  • Solar energy can be used for heating purposes and the electricity being generated by the photo voltaic cells on top of the households. Solar water heating and passive solar designing of buildings to cool or heat space age some of the technologies available.
  • Alongside, medium sized systems are also on rise that can be used for community power generation level. These help in keeping the communities having ample power at lower costs.
  • The whole decentralised model of solar power is more accessible and can penetrate as a more viable and practical energy source for remote areas that are based miles from the last power grid, giving it a last mile reach.


It has also resulted in fact number of jobs being created. Statistics suggest that the employment rate has doubled in solar energy sector and has been growing faster than any other job sector. In fact, the number of people employed in solar industry is more than double of that of gas and coal industry. With an increasing proportion of population torrent to solar energy, it can be looked as a bright hope in the light of climate change and reduce its impact. The Paris Agreement also had provisions for each country to make mends with climate 6.